We strive to provide the very best service to ensure that both the Landlord and Asset Manager can dedicate their time to looking after their occupiers.

Company Introduction

NESL specialises in maintaining the grounds and landscaped areas of commercial business premises throughout the North of England.

Our highly skilled and motivated staff ensure that NESL’s core values of providing an exceptional and reliable service are delivered at all times in a cheerful, polite and no-nonsense way. We take enormous pride in our work because we care.

Areas We Cover

As a multi-disciplined grounds maintenance contractor we cover the North of England region with bases in Lancashire and Yorkshire.

NESL is perfectly placed geographically to access both sides of the Pennines and we work right across the heart of the North of England from Cumbria to South Cheshire in the North West and from Newcastle to Sheffield in the North East and all areas in between.

Why Choose Us

  • Our staff are exceptionally well trained, well resourced, highly motivated and take great pride in their work.
  • Our full time staff are employed on permanent contracts and are paid above the national living wage.
  • We have exceptionally high standards and we guarantee quality and value for money.
  • We provide a great service and we are a multi-disciplined business.
  • We are a genuine regional contractor covering the North of England, not a national contractor trying to cover all regions.
  • We take a professional approach to everything that we do.
  • We are insured by the NFU Mutual, the leading insurer providing quality insurance cover to our industry.